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Don't Be Bullied - Take Control

Updated: Nov 8, 2019

Don’t let your Ego bully you into staying stuck. Our Egos do not like change and convince us to stay put and live with situations even when we are unhappy. Sometimes we take control and pledge to make steps toward looking within and listening to our Spirit, but shortly after find ourselves back in the same rut. So, in order to take control of our lives, we must make daily steps (without fail) to connect to our Spirit. Nothing will change until we commit to doing this. So, decide today! Here is a Daily Practice you can try:

Slow down and be in the moment: Set a reminder in your phone to go off a couple times a day. Let this remind you to stop and take a breath and notice what is around you. As you breath in, what do you smell? Look around and notice what is close to you. Study these things like there will be a test. Next, Feel your body and your cloths touching your skin. How does it feel? Also, Listen to all the sounds around you. What do you here? This will help you get into the present moment. Our egos want us to live in the past or future, so take control and live in the moment.

Introduce the concept to your Ego that your Spirit is in running the show: After you have come into the present moment, ask Out Loud - "What if my egoic mind followed my Higher Self all day today?" You can train your Ego to comply by asking this question with curiosity. Remaining curious is the best way to influence a positive shift. When our energy is positive, we transform our experiences!

Please leave any comments below to share your thoughts and/or experiences.

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