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Doing Nothing Does NOT Mean Nothing is Being Done

Sometimes we feel overwhelmed, like we must keep pushing to accomplish our goals. Or we feel confused and don’t know what direction to move in. We ask, “Why is my Life not going the way I desire?” or “Why is everything going wrong?” or "What more can I do to make things happen?". Well, don’t let your Ego mislead you with stress and “trying” too hard to get it right. This crazy fast paced society we live in has us all believing that we must be pushing and doing something in order to succeed and “be happy”. But this is a misleading notion. Yes, we must take actions in our lives to create whatever we desire. But we don’t need to force anything.

Instead of forcing life, take a pause. In this rest state, you will be able to hear what is coming from your heart. Life is so much better when you lead with your heart. When you allow your Ego to be in charge, you cause yourself so much angst and distress. If you are feeling this way, notice it and decide to stop going down this path. Because it will only lead to more upset. Take this time to Do Nothing. Seems crazy and maybe even counter intuitive, but it is the most sound thing you can do. Stop, connect with your breath, notice what is happening right here right now. Connect with the present moment. Connect with your Spirit (your heart). Ask your Spirit to help you slow down and do nothing. As soon as you stop forcing life and just sit in the present moment, you will feel at peace and then you will be inspired to do all the right things to achieve your desires. Doing all these Spirit lead things will feel expansive and opening (not stressful and chaotic). Life will start to move in the direction of your beautiful creation.

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