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Do You Remember Who You Are?

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

Many of us have forgotten who we really are. Adult life does that you us. We learn in life who we are “supposed” to be, which causes us to lose touch with who we really are. This causes feelings of separation and sometime leads to anxiety. Also, it causes us to settle in life and not live the abundant life that is freely available and our birth right. We are supposed to live beautiful full lives where we experience all the joy that we felt as a child. The best way to tap into this life (which is right there for us to experience) is to remember who we are.

So, how do we do this? First, remember all the things you loved as a kid. Before we were sent off into the outside world (school), we knew who we were. We did not have to think about it. We simply did the things we loved and got lost in time with the experience. We would naturally immerse ourselves in the joy of the experience. We never questioned our desires or joy. Make a list of all these things.

Now, reminisce and meditate on this. Remember how you felt. Feel the feelings that come to you. This is the best way to re-establish the connection. After doing this write these down.

Finally, examine who you are today. Who you are in work, relationships, how you spend your time, how you dress, what you are engaging in – is all this the person you want to be now? How does it align with how you felt in the above exercise? You don’t have to completely give up your life, just get out of the box you have put yourself in. Don’t judge yourself. Be honest. Be curious. Be creative.

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