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Detox or Stay Stuck?

Are you wanting to feel more at peace and feel more joy in your life? Maybe you can’t shake the blues or just a low-level felling of dissatisfaction. You are Stuck and want something to shift. Over time we accumulate negativity and toxic energy. It will stay stuck in our minds and our bodies. This negative energy will show up in our lives as destructive behaviors, judgements (toward others and ourselves), negative conversations, gossip, treating our bodies poorly with unhealthy food and lack of exercise, or negative thinking (dwelling on the past or worrying about the future). If you do ANY of these things, you might want to consider a Detox – for the mind and body. If you start to clear this blocked energy, you will start to feel the light of your Spirit. This light (your Spirit) is always there, we just can’t feel it when we are holding and feeding this stuck negative energy.

Where do you start? Well, you can start with your body. Take a look at your diet and commit to eliminating (or cutting way back) unhealthy foods and drinks like fast food (that’s not mindfully prepared), processed foods/drinks, processed sugar, and alcohol. Also, look at any unhealthy habits you have related to your physical well-being – like not exercising or smoking - both cause negative energy to remain stuck. In general, take a look at your physical well-being and ask yourself “How am I taking care of this beautiful body that is a gift?”. Your body is your vehicle for moving through this life, so keep it healthy if you want a smooth ride. Your body is also your communication channel for connecting to your Spirit, so all the more reason to keep it clear from blocks.

Next take a look at the conversations and information you are exposing yourself to. Notice when conversations are negative and redirect or remove yourself them. If you notice patterns with certain people, have a loving conversation with them letting them know that your are wanting to shift your attention and exposure to more positive topics. If this does not work, reduce, or eliminate your time with these people. Also, take a look at the information you are exposing yourself to. Are you listening to negative news stations? Are you watching violent shows? How do you feel when you are exposed to these? Notice how it feels in your body. Then consider cutting out this type of information/media/entertainment. At least try it for a week – see how you feel. A wise Spiritual Teacher once said “You wouldn’t stay in a room full of nuclear waste, so don’t stay stuck in any toxic energy of your life. “

I assure you, once you start to make these changes in your life – you will experience more peace and joy. Don't stay stuck! It's your choice. ;)

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