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Decide Your Future

When it comes to manifesting your wildest dreams (and your everyday dreams too), sometimes that not-so-supportive voice in your head will lead you down the path of victim-hood by saying things like “I don’t want to get too excited - in case my dream does not materialize” or “There is no way I can do that – that kind of success is for other (better than me) people”. You have probably said one of these things in the past or you are saying it now in your life. This is a trap! Why leave your future successes to fate? Instead decide your future rather than dreading it (built on your fears).

What many of us do not know is that - we have creative powers beyond our imaginations. The greatest expression of our Spirit is to adopt and yield this power. But mostly we do not do this! Because we listen to our Egos (that not-so-supportive voice in our heads).

The good news is - You have a choice! Follow the direction of your Spirit – because - Your Spirit is constantly directing this power of creativity towards your dreams. Your job is to trust in this and decide your outcome. Have this intention before you even get started working toward your desire.

So, rather than hoping (which is a construct of your Ego) that your dream will come true, decide that it will come true and that it will be even better than you can imagine. Do some visualizing. Feel how it will feel to manifest your dream. Believe and enjoy your creative powers.

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