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Dance with the Universe

Most of us are living our lives in our heads. Not in the Present Moment. We are completely distracted by our thoughts. We spend a lot of time in fear, protecting, projecting, being defensive, being offended, worrying about what “might” happen – it’s exhausting. If we could stop living in our heads, we would start to notice and enjoy life. Living an ego-based life (in your head) takes a lot of energy from you. Living a Mindful life (in the present moment) takes very little energy. In fact, you receive more energy.

This is when life begins to flow and become effortless and fun. When we pay more attention to what is happening right in front of us, our minds open to all the possibilities of life. We become wide open for a flow of creativity & inspiration. We start to channel a surge of energy that physically moves us in the direction of a wonderful life. We feel guided and supported. All this is quite different from how we feel when living in our heads (from our Egos).

If you give a mindful life a try, you will be saying yes to Dance with the Universe. You will start to look forward to each day. You will not feel alone anymore. You will feel connected to a source of energy that feels invigorating. And you will start to attract people and situations with this same invigorating energy. Give it a try. Start looking for opportunities to pay attention and be mindful.

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