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Cultivating Joy

What is Joy? To me Joy is a feeling of great pleasure or delight. It’s a peaceful feeling. My heart sings when I am in joy. It is something we all desire. But it can be elusive at times, especially in hard times. I have learned that I don’t have to wait for joy, I can go out and find joy. Better yet, I can go out and create joy. Creating joy, brings joy. Wow, two birds with one joy stone! Here are a few tips to help you cultivate joy:

  • See the joy in everyday things. In other words, always look for what’s right in things. And if you catch yourself seeing what’s wrong with something, decide to make a positive shift and look for something good about this thing.

  • Remember what lit you up when you were a child and do it again now. This will carry your spirit to times of joy!

  • Get silly with your friends and/or family. Laugh until your face hurts! No judgement!

  • Make some popcorn and watch some funny videos or movies OR create live comedy shows for each other!

  • Do something nice/kind for someone. Hey, two birds with one joy stone opportunity! It will bring joy to both you (bird 1) and the other person (bird 2).

  • Do something nice/kind/loving for Yourself! Give yourself a day off (or even an hour), take a soothing bath, take a nap in your hammock, make yourself a cup of your favorite warm beverage, go for a walk in nature, etc.….

  • Read a funny story (alone or to someone else - two birds, one joy stone again!).

  • Make a scrumptious meal for your family (if that is your thing).

  • Put a Teddy Bear in your window for the children to spot! That’s a thing right now – do it!

  • Put on your favorite dance music and have a Dance Party!

  • Smile. It’s amazing how this simple facial gesture can raise joy. 😊

  • Plant a seed and watch it grow!

Well, this list can go on forever. If you want to comment below on your Joy Cultivation ideas I would love to hear them.

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