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Shifting from Frustration to Satisfaction

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

No one likes feeling frustrated. Frustration usually results from an inability to change or achieve something. That something can be a situation, an accomplishment, or it can be a desired feeling. Let’s play with the idea that the opposite of frustration is satisfaction. We all know what satisfaction feels like. It’s the pleasurable feeling from fulfillment of our desires.

So how can we shift from frustration to satisfaction? Well, one way is to start something new. As humans, our basic nature is to create. In our society, we tend to believe that once we achieve our desires, then we will be satisfied. Well, that might be true for a short time. But, it’s not the having that generates lasting satisfaction, it’s really the process of creating/achieving. Once you realize this, you will have a much easier time recognizing and dealing with your frustrations.

So, the next time you feel frustration – stop and think about what you have created lately. If you cannot come up with anything, consider taking on a new project. This can be big or small. It can be creating art, food, tools, technology, writing, a new game or activity, a new environment, a new relationship or social group, and more. Sometimes just the idea to create something will lift your spirit. Start a Creation Journal to keep a list of all your ideas. Hey that’s something you could create now – Your Creation Journal! Whenever you are creating, pay attention to how that feels. In fact, write that down in your journal. You will love this new awareness around the connection between creating and feelings of satisfaction!

Of course this is just one way to shift from frustration to satisfaction. It really depends on where your frustration is stemming from. So it is important to explore these feelings. I can help you with this journey of discovery and new awareness. I have helped many clients during their creation process with new projects and new businesses. If you are interested in exploring this topic further for yourself, click on “REQUEST A FREE CONSULT” Above and We Can Schedule a Call to Chat.

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