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Creating Authentic Relationships Begin With…

We all want and desire to have real authentic relationships with others. But, real authentic relationships begin with your relationship with your own Authentic Self. You really can’t have an authentic relationship with another person until you have an authentic relationship with your own inner self. If you are disconnected from your Spirit, then any relationship you have – create – or attract will be disconnected, frustrating, and/or confusing. So, start with making that inner connection before you seek connection with others. This is the most powerful step you can take towards creating and having amazing, supportive and loving relationships.

Start by asking yourself “How connected to my Spirit am I?”. Also ask: “Do I take the time to check in with my Spirit daily?”. By taking a few minutes every day and check in – quietly listening to your heart, you will develop a relationship with your inner authentic self. Whatever the answer is, make sure you are paying attention to how your Spirit is communicating with you. Just as with any relationship, you need to know how to communicate. Your Spirt is always attempting to communicate with your thinking brain. But it communicates through your senses. This communication is experienced by each of us differently. We each have a unique relationship with our Spirit. But we all have this relationship through our Intuition which originates from our Hearts. It just comes through and feels different for each of us.

Some people feel it in their heart. Some feel it in their gut or belly. Others get goose bumps or have other bodily sensations. Some people hear messages from their inner voice or see pictures in their minds eye. Maybe you can relate to all or just some of these. Maybe you experience something totally different. One thing is for sure, we all get these messages in our own unique way.

Taking the time to get to know how your Intuition comes to you is very important to creating a good relationship with your Spirit, your Authentic Self. So, if you want to improve this relationship (and in turn all of your relationships), start noticing your intuition and where and how you most often feel it. Do this daily. And when you experience it, say it out loud. You can say “I am feeling my intuition right now through my…[heart, gut, throat, etc].” or “I have a gut feeling about this” or “Wow, I feel tightness in my chest right now, I wonder what that is about”. Notice and Acknowledge what your Intuition is saying and how it is doing this.

Once you start doing this daily, you will start to notice your intuition coming through more and more. You will start to feel more guided from your Inner Self, your Spirit. Your intuition is the voice of your Spirit! Get quiet, listen and acknowledge. 😊

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