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Create With Your Thoughts

You know the saying “Thoughts become Things”. This comes from the idea that everything we create is generated with the energy of our thoughts. In fact, quantum physics studies have verified that everything in the Universe is made of consciousness or thought. When we apply our feelings to our thoughts, that’s when the magic happens.

So, what we manifest into our lives is not random or just dumb luck - it is coming from your thoughts. That idea can give some people comfort, but for others it can be terrifying. If you are generally a positive person with a positive outlook, then you can see all around you the evidence of “good” or favorable things you have manifested. Whereas if you are mostly having negative thoughts, believing that mostly “bad” things will happen in your life then that is exactly what you see. Most of the time we are oblivious to this universal law and how we are creating our life.

We create with our thoughts either consciously or unconsciously. If we are consciously creating, then we are thinking with mindful intentions. On the other hand, we could be thinking from our Storyteller (ego) which is unconscious. We get stuck in our heads and blindly follow the stories of our small self (ego) which can include doubts, worries, and fears of all kinds. When we are stuck on thoughts of our unhappy past, we get more of the same. As you can see, it is important that we pay attention to our thoughts in order to create a life of joy.

So, what can you start doing today to get on a path of manifesting your desires? Start with awareness by noticing which of your thoughts are productive towards what you want to manifest and which are counter-productive. And not just thoughts, pay attention to what you are saying out loud too (what you talk about). Once you have awareness, slowly shift your attention to what you want to experience and away from what you don’t want. It might take some time to break this habit of thinking negatively, so be patient with yourself. This also might mean that you have to change the people you are hanging out with – if they are feeding the negativity. Start to be deliberate with your thinking, what you talk about and what energy you are exposing yourself to. This will put you on a path to manifesting more joy in your life!

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