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Create Space for Something New

Yesterday we had a New Moon. A New Moon always encourages us to start something new. It is about new beginnings. It can even mean a clean slate. The energy of this New Moon is still with us, so you are encouraged to think about “What am I creating new in my life?”. This can be something brand new or it can be restarting or recreating something you have created in the past. For me, I have many unfinished projects to choose from… But I have not felt like I have the time or energy to take something else on. While considering this, I was inspired to go through some closets and do some cleaning and purging. OK, I thought - clearing out the old makes space for the new. I ended up having fun doing this because I stumbled upon some fun memories! It always feels good to create space in our house. And I realized later that I “created” something in the process! I created space! So, now I feel inspired (and have the energy) to pick up one of these unfinished projects and see it through to completion. See how that works!? So, how about you? What can you create or recreate? If you can not think of anything to create in your life right now, you might also be lacking space for something new. So, take this opportunity to create some space and watch what happens. Watch what new comes into your life.

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