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Create New Beginnings for Yourself

With all the buds and blossoms sprouting on the trees and seedlings peeking through the soil it’s hard not to feel fresh new beginnings in the air. I have always loved this time of year, especially when I was a child. Take advantage of this time and ride the wave of good feelings. New beginnings can bring feelings of openness and excitement for what’s to come. If you embrace these feelings and indulge in spending time admiring the beauty of Spring, the Universe will reward you with more wonderful surprises – surprises you can not even imagine right now.

I challenge you to try this exercise: Intentionally enjoy Spring as much as possible: Go for a walk, sit on a bench and be quiet and observe, pick or buy some fresh spring flowers for your house (or to give to a beloved friend), work in your garden, plant something , or just enjoy the spring view from your window– you get the idea. Then talk and write about your beautiful experience and feelings. Giving vibration to it by talking about it and/or writing about it helps the Universe understand that you are open for more of those same experiences and feelings. Then every day after notice what comes your way. And again share with others (or write) how the Universe brought you more of what you love!

Note: I took time out this week to enjoy the spring flowers at our local botanical gardens and snapped this photo of a beautiful flower!

Please leave any comments below to share your thoughts and/or experiences.

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