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Count Your Blessings - Literally

An optimistic view of life can attract all manner of good things to you. This is a Truth with a capital “T”. It is just how the Universe works. If you need more concrete evidence, there has been plenty of research in the field of psychology which demonstrates that optimism provides benefits like improved well-being and physical health. Optimism is the foundation of a positive attitude. When has a positive attitude ever steered us wrong?

When things are not going your way or you just feel low about life in general, it can be hard to take a step back from your troubles and be optimistic. When you are steeped in your troubles how can you see what good is happening around you? Well, if you are lacking an optimistic view these days (which many of us are), try counting your existing blessings to help you out of this slump. Literally write them down or say them out loud. Try this for a solid week. Start a Gratitude Week! For one week - every day: Share with friends and/or family what you are grateful for either out loud in conversation or post on Facebook/Insta/Twitter or just write in your journal. But I really think sharing with others would be great. This will proliferate gratitude! 😊 You can do with others (friends and/or family and/or co-workers). At the end of the week, literally count up all your Blessings and share this in a conversation.

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