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Connecting to Living Our Best Life

Connecting to living our best life involves connecting to our Spirit. What do I mean by connecting with our Spirit? What is our Spirit? To me our Spirit is our deep internal sense of peace and connection. It’s our connection to Source Energy (infinite energy that is everywhere from which all things come from and all things return to). And when we are connected to our Spirit, we feel peaceful and content no matter what is going on around us. We also have a sense of purpose in our daily life when connected to our Spirit.

Living this human life, we often forget our Spirit. We forget that we are connected to everything (including each other). If we are connected to our spirit, we no longer feel separate or alone which eliminates fear. So, how do we make this connection and stay connected to our Spirit?

We can connect by breathing and being present without judgement. Start with this simple exercise: While taking deep breaths and listening to the quiet, notice the energy in all things. You can do this anywhere. Notice the energy in nature, animals, people, food, art, or anything. Remember, do this without judgement. 😊 We stay connected by making it a daily commitment and practice. Just like anything else, it becomes easy and natural with practice. Maybe try this exercise as a replacement to checking your social media or watching the news. Just like those activities have become a habit, so can connecting with your Spirit!

If you are interested in exploring this further with my guidance, click on “REQUEST A FREE CONSULT” Above and We Can Schedule a Call to Chat. I would love to work with you!

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