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Easy Way to Connect With Your Spirit

All you have to do in order to connect with your Spirit is to breathe. Your Breath IS your Spirit. So, to call upon your Spirit, you must consciously Breath.

You might be thinking, “Well, I DO breathe. If I did not, I would not be alive!”. This may be true, but are you consciously breathing? I ask this because, many people don’t realize that they are only using 10% of their lung capacity most of their day! We mostly breathe unconsciously, so whatever habits we have formed with our breathing are happening automatically all day long. If our Breath is our Spirit and we are not breathing consciously or fully, then we are not connecting fully to our Spirit.

For instance, when we are fearful, we tend to hold our breath. Well, this is cutting off our Spirit! So, instead of feeling calm and safe, we feel more and more fear and stress. Let’s all take a conscious breath right now: feel yourself get quiet and centered, breath in through your nose and slowly blow out through your mouth – releasing with the sound of AHHHHH! Let’s do that again. Keep breathing and notice the rise and fall of your chest or stomach. After a few breaths, check in with yourself and how you are feeling. Probably refreshed and calm. THIS is your Spirit!

You are more than just your personality. You are more than your past experiences. You are more than what your internal judge is telling you. You are a creative eternal being of love - a Spirit of the Universe. You are connected to all beings and things. We are all connected to all beings and things. You can strengthen this connection by taking time everyday to consciously breathe. At least once every day set a timer for 3 minutes and do this breathing exercise. If you can, do it at least 3 times a day (Morning – Noon – and night). More often if you like. Really Stay focused on your breath. Maybe put your hand on your belly or chest and feel the rise and fall of your breath. This exercise calls your Spirit back to you. It fills you up with your Spirit. Sit with this feeling of calm connection.

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