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Updated: Oct 3, 2019

Our busy modern lives can create feelings of anxiety and fear causing us to be reactive and grumpy at times. We are all human and can not completely avoid these feelings. So first off, don’t judge yourself when you have these feelings. It is going to happen, so be aware and accept this. But you don’t have to let it take control over you. First thing to do is take a breath. Anxiety and fear put us into shallow breathing patterns. This will then put our body into a fight or flight responsive state – which causes our heart rate to go up - Beginning a cycle of reactivity that feels like it has no end. You can recognize this and put a stop to it. Try this exercise:

Breathe up through your body starting down at your feet. As you breath in, use your imagination to start your breath down in your feet and move it up your body through your pelvic area, stomach, heart space and finally filling up your lungs. Stand up while you are doing this and as you are breathing in slowly stretch out your arms, like a growing tree. Feel the expansive opening in your body as you do this. This will bring your awareness into the center of your body and out of your reactive fight or flight brain. This type of breathing will connect you to the ground which creates a feeling of calm. Each time you end the IN breath, exhale with a loud “Ahhhhhhh”. Do this exercise as many times as you can, but at least 5 times to maintain the calm feeling.

This breathing exercise shifts your energy and calms your brain. It moves out negative energy that is not serving you. Decide that you are releasing the unwanted excess energy. Over time you will feel the release.

You can also use this exercise as a preventive measure. Do this several times a day as a practice and you will be less likely to enter the state of anxiety. Train yourself. Practice. And make note of how your body feels each time you do this.

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