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Be in the Pause

The Universe has hit the Pause Button! What is this pause trying to teach us? One thing that comes to mind, is that it is giving us all space to go inward and to be more aligned with our spirits. We have the time and space to step right into this alignment with our souls. An alignment that is already there, we just need to side-step into it. It’s a quiet and a flow that is always there. Now we are seeing and feeling and experiencing it. Once you make this connection, you can tap into your internal wisdom to find peace and comfort. Your internal wisdom knows exactly what you need. You have to be with it to hear it. If you want to hear it, you can’t be in fear. Now is the time to be quiet and take advantage of this pause.

Try taking some mindful walks alone in nature or just sit outside (or near a window). Be mindful and notice the quiet inside yourself. There is comfort in making this connection. For some people this might take practice. When our lives are so busy that our brains are constantly going, it can be difficult to slow down and make this connection. But, now we are being given an opportunity. Take advantage of this and reconnect. Then when life speeds back up again, you will know how to reconnect to find this peace when needed.

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