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Apologize Young Lady

When I was little and I did something that my Mother deemed as wrongful to someone else (usually to a brother or sister), she would say “Apologize Young Lady”. Actually, when I was really in trouble, she would call me "Missy Ann". I never liked to say I was sorry. I would say it, but never really mean it. Back then my Ego would come up with all kinds of justifications and explanations for whatever I did. Even as an adult, this sometimes happens. Our egos are so busy defending itself, that it does not see the impact it has had on others. But if we step back and look at things from our Spirit (our Heart) we can better see how the other person feels from what we have said or done. When we are moving from a Heart centered place (from our Spirit), we do not hesitate to apologize. Our Spirit knows that we are here to learn, and mistakes are OK. Our Spirit lives in the present moment and does not hesitate to ask for forgiveness in the moment.

Do you follow your Spirit when it comes to mistakes? Do you notice when you might have hurt someone else’s Spirit? When you might have stolen someone’s Joy or Where you might have squished someone’s enthusiasm or caused them to doubt themselves or their decisions? Have you used harsh words to someone and dimmed their light? Maybe it is not someone else, but yourself who you have done these things to. We are ALL deserving of love and kindness. So, connect to and follow your Spirit to a place in your Heart where you can easily say “I’m Sorry” and genuinely mean it. Tell your Ego that all is OK and to take a break - that you don’t mind taking responsibility and apologizing. Every time you do this you are calling back some of your Divine Light.

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