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Intuitive Life Coach, Spiritual Teacher and Astrologer

If you are experiencing a shift in your life and are ready to harness the opportunity within this change, I can help you. I specialize in guiding clients to becoming more connected at a deeper level – creating balance, joy and abundance in their lives.  You will know that you are ready if you have a desire to make a shift to taking responsibility for your life and I can help you gain clarity and focus about this new more connected life.

After a successful 28-year career as a lead software engineer, I decided to make a life transition myself to a new career as a Professional Coach, Spiritual Teacher and Astrologer.  I studied and obtained an ICF PCC Professional Coach Certification.  This level of ceritifcation is obtained only after demonstrating over 500 hours of  client coaching.   I am a certified Professional Retirement Coach.  I am a Certified Chopra Meditation Teacher. And I have also completed study under Debra Silverman's Applied Astrology School.  My many years of mentoring and coaching as a team leader have given me the experience needed to help others who, like me, desire positive change.  My life long spiritual journey, knowledge of & passion for astrology and daily spiritual practices have opened my eyes to a new understanding of the universe and how I can live a more meaningful life.  I use this understanding to guide my clients.  ​

I also help individuals and companies incorporate Meditation, Mindfulness and Intuition into their everyday/work life.  I know from experience that having a daily mindfulness practice can help reduce stress; improve relationships; enhance creativity and problem solving; ease anxiety, worry & fear and simply increase our overall sense of well-being.  All of which breed success and manifestation.

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about me


Hello!  I'm Lisa.  A Certified Professional Life Coach, Spiritual Teacher and Astrologer who thrives on helping others realize and manifest their goals and dreams.  After leaving a successful 28 year career as a software engineer, I have found my passion for spiritual coaching, teaching and astrology.  I work with people who are ready to uncover what they want most in their lives and do what it takes to achieve their goals. 

For as long as I can remember, I have had a deep interest and passion in personal development and growth. Yes, I’m a self-help junkie!  There has just been a constant yearning for knowledge and growth for as long as I can remember.  I have practiced yoga and meditation for over 20 years and find both to be a great foundation in my life.   I have also studied the subject of life force energy and became a Reiki Master.   And I have studied Astrology for many years.  My Core Energy coaching certification is from iPEC, an International Coach Federation (ICF) accredited program.  I am a certified Chopra Meditation Teacher.  I also have obtained the International Coach Federation PCC Certification.  This coach training has changed my life.  

Some of my other passions are designing and creating beautiful silver and beaded jewelry, practicing figure skating, traveling and vacationing with my family, kayaking & being on (and in) the water, playing outdoors and just staying healthy by exercising and cooking healthy foods.

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I’ve been so fortunate to have Lisa as my coach for over a year now. I am a creative who pursues multiple projects at once. She’s a great listener and with her enthusiastic support, I’ve become more conscious of my daily process and more focused on priorities. As a result, I’ve accomplished a lot more with less stress and way more enjoyment! While working with her, I’ve moved to a foreign country, launched an international consultancy, am reactivating my art career and am writing a book about it all!  My life is full of interesting, creative people and I can truly say that I love the adventure every day. Lisa will bring out the highest and best in you, if you are ready to open up to seeing the world in a new way and embrace all that you can be.

                    Lynn Waldorf, PhD

                    San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Lisa is a highly intuitive and energetically sensitive coach. Her gift lies in the ability to connect you to your inner voice. She provides a warm, compassionate, and safe place in her coaching sessions. I have been fortunate to not only learn the practice of coaching with Lisa, but to coach with her one on one and have always found myself more enlightened and tapped in after our time together. Lisa also has a very practical and analytical mind that will allow a client to create a blueprint for moving forward in their goals.

                             Julie @ Julie Miller Coaching

I was searching for meditation that would be a fit for me. When I discovered Lisa it felt very right. She is open and embracing to everyone at any level of learning. Her energy is clean and bright and comes from a place of love. Lisa is continually striving to expand her own consciousness and shares all that she learns and knows. I am very grateful to have found her.

                                              Grateful Student

A few months ago, a good friend asked me if I would be interested in doing the “Your Higher Wisdom” course with her.  At that time, I was struggling with finding my joy and my purpose after the devastating loss of my husband. I immediately said “Yes!”  I had no idea how great of an impact this decision would have on my everyday life!

At the end of the first week of the course I wrote this in my notes, “This week was transformative for me.  I had no idea I would enjoy meditating or even be able to meditate.  I feel calmer than I have in a very long time.  I am less stressed as well.  I am happier, which I thought would be impossible for me.  I am eager to continue this path and see where it leads me.”

During the 6 weeks of this course, Lisa taught me how to create daily practices that focused on:  mindfulness, tuning into my body, and connecting with my Spirit.  These teachings and practices allowed me to connect with my Higher Self and to find inner peace and a more joyful way to live.



Lisa has been gracious enough to participate in our health fairs and afforded the employees with excellent meditation and relaxation training. We invited her back the following year because of positive feedback and employee requests. Lisa displayed excellent customer service and demonstrated her skills in guiding employees through the relaxation and meditation processes. All who came out of her class were visibly pleased with the experience. I highly recommend Lisa as a practitioner.


                       from a Local Aerospace Company

As a person who looked to external influences to define “success”, I found myself struggling with self-acceptance. I yearned to quiet my chattering ego and move towards a self-satisfied life. Right away, I knew that partnering with Lisa was the right decision! As I incorporated practices she intuitively determined would be helpful, I was gently brought back to a quieter, wiser “me” that I’d ignored for far too long! Lisa is a wonderfully calm, pragmatic, and caring coach that reminds us that we are our own best teacher. I would recommend her to anyone wanting to move forward into a better relationship with their own spirit.   


Lisa is a grounding force to bring you back to your intuition and true self.  She guides, teaches, asks the right questions, and helps you find the answers you have always been looking for.  Supportive, kind, and ready to give you a gentle push when you need it.

Lisa has inspired me to explore astrology, meditation, and spirituality by providing information, tools and resources that piqued my interest and that related to my own personal and spiritual growth.

Since working with Lisa, I have learned to trust my ability to make decisions from my intuition.  Lisa taught me to come back to my breath and connect to myself, allowing my choices to come from a place of love and self-trust, versus fear or self-doubt.

Every session was impactful and covered a wide range of topics.  The changes I have implemented because of working with Lisa have made a profound difference in the quality of my life.


Having recently completed the Higher Wisdom Course, thanks to Lisa I have begun a new journey in life, learning to create more balance in my life and becoming more connected at a deeper level.  Lisa is a wonderful warm-hearted Intuitive Instructor, who is aiding in opening my eyes to a new and deeper understanding in trying to live a more positive, meaningful life, learning and incorporating more mindfulness and peace into everyday day.  I have only high regards for Lisa, and am thrilled to have met a Professional Coach / Spiritual Teacher to assist in my new journey!  

                                      Barbara J, Colorado

Live With Intention.
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