Connect with Your Higher Wisdom

And Begin Living with

  Deep Satisfaction

  Meaningful Purpose

  Boundless Creativity

  and Personal Peace

Do you want to –


  • Move through life’s challenges with more ease and less anxiety & fear

  • Enjoy life’s journey instead of just “getting through it”

  • Connect to your true self and feel less like an imposter

  • Feel a sense of purpose instead of feeling lost and unsure

  • Create strong connections in all your relationships

  • Become more empowered and less controlled by negative thinking

  • Confidently receive and trust guidance from your intuition

  • Worry less, be more in the present moment & trust in a beautiful future

  • Say goodbye to your life disappointments and embrace the life you are meant to live

  • Connect with others who are experiencing these same desires


Maybe you are just beginning to wake up to these realizations and desires or maybe you have been feeling this way for a while but have not found a path to make the shift in a sustainable way. 

I understand those feelings because I was there …  After my mother passed away 10 years ago, I felt adrift - unsure about my future & my purpose in life. I was not happy with my career, and I was unclear about what made me happy.  I was overthinking everything – which caused my life to be stymied. I was not in touch with my Higher Self.  I don’t think I even knew what that meant. I felt alone and unsupported. 


So, I turned to various spiritual books and teachings. Once my mind was opened up to all the possibilities of the Universe, I began to have hope. Over time I began a connection with my Higher Self by starting an intentional daily practice. 


This was the turning point for me. I began to create a sense of purpose from within - which brought me profound contentment and peace.    


And, that is why I created Your Higher Wisdom School. Because I know that connecting to your Higher Self and following your heart opens up a whole new way of living. 

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