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What's the Purpose of Our Dreams?

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

When we are sleeping, our Dreams tell us what we are overlooking in our waking hours. Dreams are the language of our Soul. Some things we might be overlooking could be health related, relationship related, connected to our job/career, or even our creativity & spirituality. One thing that's for sure is "It Is ALL About YOU!". Even when other people are in your dreams, the message is for you and about you. Those other people have their own dreams that are about them. You are receiving messages just for you.

If you don't remember your dreams, don't worry this does not mean that you are not having them. You are. If you want to start to remember your dreams, just have the intention to remember them. Before you fall asleep, say out loud "Tomorrow morning I will remember my dreams.". Put a notepad and pencil/pen next to your bed and jot down anything that comes to you when you wake up. Write down anything that comes to you, even if it is just a shape, a color, a feeling, a person you do not know (describe them as best you can),an object or place. Every bit of information is meaningful. Also write down any feelings you have about the dream (like fear, happiness, excitement). Do this note taking for several days and you will find that you will start to remember your dreams. In the beginning, you might just write "I remember nothing this morning, but I feel well rested".

It is important to note that our dreams are not purposeless. Even if you do not remember or you are ignoring your dreams or just not taking the time to interpret them, your subconscious mind is still working away on your everyday and life issues. Sometimes it even achieves reconciliation on something. Dreams are necessary and extremely helpful to us all. But, If you can take the time to interpret your dreams, you are then listening to invaluable messages from your True Self.

Once you start to have good notes about your dreams, now you wonder - "How do I interpret my dreams?". Many dreams are so crazy and convoluted, that you can't even begin to imagine what it is all about. The three main parts to a dream are:

(1) the overall theme (like climbing or being chased, traveling, learning in school, etc.)

(2) Symbols (people/characters, places, objects, colors, numbers, happenings/tasks, etc). When interpreting symbols first look at what does this symbol mean to me personally? If there is nothing, then look at what the symbol means in your culture. If again there is nothing, then look at the Universal meaning of the symbol. Symbols are very specific to you (remember the dream is about YOU). You can look symbols up in a book or online, but is is very important to first find the personal meaning to you. Example: if there is a dog, what do dogs mean to you? If you are a dog owner, then you will have a strong meaning for you.

(3) Emotional Content (yours and the characters of your dream emotions).

NOTE: Watch for recurring themes, symbols, feelings/emotions, characters, etc. If something is being repeated, this is important.

I love helping people with Dream interpretation. I have helped clients with this on many occasion. So, reach out if this is of an interest to you ;)

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