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Time to Focus on What is Important

How are we all feeling? Are things crazy enough for you?! Sometimes we feel OK, other times we fell anxious and unsettled. This is a roller coaster for our emotions. So, now is a good time to focus on what is important to you and what is not serving you. Now is a time to be mindful about the amount and kind-of news you are exposing yourself to. Notice how the news is making you feel. Is it making you feel anxious? Also, pay attention to how you feel around different conversations. Do you have some friends or co-workers who are wanting to talk about our situation in a fear-based way? This energy of Fear is much like the virus – it spreads easily and fast. So, be as vigilant about protecting yourself from Fear just as much as you are protecting yourself and your loved ones from the virus. One important thing to know/remember is that Love can spread just as quickly as fear. So, focus more on Love than on fear. Focus on what is most important – Love and Peace. Please remember, if you are constantly in fear then you will continue to attract fearful people/situations to you and this will perpetuate the fear and an unsettled vibration for you. If you are in the vibration of Love and Peace, you will attract people/situations of Calm and Peace.

So, how do we do this?

1. Pay attention to how you are feeling. It will help a lot to hold your boundaries with others (and the news) if you are aware of how they are making you feel. Awareness is always the first step. Once there is awareness, then the healing begins.

2. Make good choices for yourself. Take care of yourself (drink lots of water, eat healthy, take vitamins/supplements, plenty of rest, exercise/movement). Reach out to people who make you feel good and safe. Be Present. Be Mindful in everything you do. Breathe.

3. Gratitude. Gratitude will raise your vibration quickly. Try some of the gratitude exercises that I suggested in my March 6th Blog post.

Hang in there everyone! We can do this 😊

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