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Soul to Soul Relationships

We have all kinds of Relationships. Family – Friends – Co-Workers - Business – Acquaintances and of course with Self. These relationships are where we experience our greatest teachings and where we have the potential for our greatest growth. Our souls want to grow, and this is where most of that work happens. The best relationships are soul to soul relationships. These are where we connect and engage with each other in ways that support and uplift each other. These are where we understand each other and love each other without judgement. In order to have these relationships, we need to be connecting with our spirit - our intuition - our inner voice. And in order to do this we must have an authentic connection to our own Spirit. We can not have an authentic connection with others until we have a relationship with your own Spirit – your Authentic Self.

So, how do you connect to your Spirit? First ask yourself, “Do I check in with my Inner Self? Do I listen to my Intuition (my Inner voice)?” If the answer is No or I don’t know, try to start doing it now. Start to notice your inner voice. Get quiet and listen. Meditation is a great tool. Also, remember that intuition is energy that uses all our senses to communicate with us. So, use all your senses while listening. Your heart is a great place to start. The heart is the first organ to form during development of the body. So, it has been informing your body and Spirit since day One. Pay attention to what your heart is saying and don’t ignore the messages. Get quiet, put your hands on your heart, sense the energy in your heart and Ask “What is best for me to know now?” – and listen. When you get something, say it out loud. This will strengthen the connection with your Spirit – which will build a strong foundation for all other relationships in your life. Let this be your goal so you can benefit from the growth that comes from strong soul to soul relationships.

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