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Rise Up and Shine!

What if today instead of viewing the day as “Groundhog Day” (here we go again with the same old - same old), you saw it as new, fresh and full of opportunities? You do this by beginning the day with your Spirit leading the way. Rise up above the low energy of your ego who is saying “Here we go again with the same old – same old. Nothing interesting happens in my life”. Rise up and let your Spirit Shine! It does not matter what happened yesterday or the day before - today is a new day. Let go of whatever has happened in the past. Don’t allow your ego to hang onto the past. You have the freedom to create this new day. Today is a fresh start!

To do this, you can make an effort to shine by polishing yourself and your life up. Dress yourself in your best-looking outfit. Take the time to style your hair. Get ready in the morning like you are going to meet your favorite movie star! And of course, add to your look a beautiful and shining Smile! You can even spruce up your house with a little straightening and cleaning, some fresh flowers and even make some wonderful smelling foods. Just like someone special is coming to visit! OK – stop your ego now from saying “But no one is coming to visit, so why bother?”. This is very low vibration energy and you are making the decision to live in higher vibration and to shine! Live in the present moment and enjoy this life you have been blessed with. Let yourself shine! You will really feel your Spirit in these moments – I promise. 😉

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