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Often times we forget to celebrate our wins. This is how it can go for some of us: We have our goal in mind - something we really want to bring to fruition. We work hard on our goal - imagining, planning, creating, taking all the required steps, checking off the To Dos on our list. It can take weeks, months or even years to get to the finish line. Then finally we achieve our goal! But usually we quickly move on to the next goal almost not noticing what just happened. Wait! What about celebration? We forgot to allow ourselves to stop - take a break and really feel good about what we accomplished. Allowing ourselves to feel good is so important to our health and well-being. It's vital in fact.

Indeed there are lots of solid reasons to stop and celebrate. One being the "happy chemicals" that are released in our bodies (Endorphins, Serotonin, Dopamine) during our commemoration. The release of these chemicals is good for both our physical and mental/emotional health. Celebration usually involves other people. After all what's a celebration without others to enjoy it with? This strengthens our personal relationships, which is always good for our well-being. Also by celebrating our wins, we increase our motivation and success mindset for the next project or endeavor. Cultivating a success mindset takes practice. What's an easier, more fun way to practice than having a celebration!?! This propels us into further creation and growth in our lives.

So, make a list of all your accomplishments for your entire life-time and have a party this weekend to celebrate! Invite your friends (social distancing of course - maybe keep it outside) and have them bring their list of accomplishments too. You can all share your lists and applaud and encourage each other. Then you can watch the fireworks! :)

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